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2006. február 25.
Titanic starts in the end of March
The 13th Titanic Budapest International Film Festival will being held from the 30. March to the 9. April in 2006.

2006. február 20.
Bosnian film triumphs in Berlin
A Bosnian film has won the Golden Bear award at the 56th Berlin Film Festival.

2005. november 04.
180 films at the 49th London Film Festival
More than 180 films from 50 countries were presented at this year's event, which runs from 19. of October until 3. of November.

2005. október 10.
Romanian victory in Miskolc
Ilena Stanculescu and her documentary, The Bridge from Romania won the main prize of 2. International Festival of Young Filmmakers in Miskolc.

2005. október 04.
Champions was the champion in Pécs
Marek Najbrt’s Champions from the Czech Republic won the main prize of the 1. Pécs International Filmcelebration.

2005. szeptember 18.
International Films Honoured at Toronto
With a total of 335 films (including 109 world and 78 North American premieres), from 52 countries, screened over 10 days, the 30th Toronto International Film Festival wrapped on September 17 at the Hilton Hotel Toronto.

2005. szeptember 12.
Ang Lee takes top prize at Venice
Ang Lee's gay cowboy film Brokeback Mountain has won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.

2005. augusztus 19.
DiG! in the cinemas
After the public of the 12th Titanic Budapest International Film Festival and the Sziget festival the wider audience can also see Ondi Timoner’s gorgeous documentary. DiG! is played from 18 of August in the Hungarian cinemas.

2005. július 12.
Crystal Globe for My Nikifor in Karlovy Vary
The winning feature film in the Competition Section was announced on the 9. of July during the course of the closing ceremony of the 40th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

2005. június 15.
Nyócker! won the main prize in Annecy
Director Áron Gauder’s and producer Erik Novák’s Nyócker! won the main prize in the International Animated Film Festival in Annecy. The most important competition of the European animated films was organized from 6. June until 11. June in France.

2005. június 15.
Cristi Puiu won in Alba Regia
Romanian director Cristi Puiu’s film, The Death of Mr. Lazarescu got the main prize in the I. Alba Regia International Film Festival. Best short film and actors also won prizes.

2005. május 02.
The winning of the Forgács-film on the Tribeca Festival
Peter Forgács's El Perro Negro: Stories from the Spanish Civil War - which was presented on the Titanic too - is among the winners of the 4th Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

2005. április 15.
Titanic souvernirs are available
We are still selling the souvenirs, which were sold during the 12th Titanic Budapest International Filmfestival.

2005. április 15.
Download the Titanic short film!
The spot of the 12th Titanic Budapest International Filmfestival was made by Áron Gauder.

2005. április 11.
1% for Titanic
You can help the Titanic festival.

2005. április 11.
Titanic is over
Although in Pécs you can see the Titanic's films, on Sunday evening the 12th Titanic Budapest International Filmfestival ended officially.

2005. április 09.
Screening change: Breaking News
Breaking News will be presented on 10. April, Sunday instead of Saturday.

2005. április 08.
Still ahead
Although the festival lasts only for two days, there are still a lot of films to select from. And there will be repeat screenings of the two most popular Titanic-films and the closing gala too. Remember: in Pécs you can participate on the Titanic until 13. April.

2005. április 08.
One more short film on the Titanic
Two days before the end of the festival we still have some surprise. In Örökmozgó cinema on Saturday we present Vaughan Pilikian’s short film.

2005. április 07.
Extra screenings of the Titanic festival
We show 9 Songs, A Tale of Two Sisters and The Girl From Monday on extra screenings, and the titles of the two most successful films are known already.

2005. április 07.
Titanic newsreel on Filmmúzeum
You can see the newsreels made during the Titanic festival on Filmmúzeum channel.

2005. április 06.
Some Titanic-films will be distributed in Hungary
Some of the films showing in the 12th Titanic Filmfestival will be screened in the Hungarian cinemas or they will be issued on video and DVD.

2005. április 06.
Announcement - Ghost in the Shell 2.: Innocence
Unfortunately on 5. April Mamoru Oshii's anime was shown in another quality, in Beta format.

2005. április 05.
Titanic closes with 2046
With Wong Kar-Wai's 2046 will close the 12th Titanic Budapest International Filmfestival. The film will be shown on 10. April, 19.30 in Uránia. For the public gala you can buy tickets in the cinema in limited numbers.

2005. április 05.
The main sponsor of the 12th Titanic Filmfestival is the LG Electronics
The main sponsor of the 12th Titanic Filmfestival is the LG Electronics, which is from 1992 in Hungary. The main reason of the cultural sponsorship is, that the Korean-root international firm would like to popularize the Korean culture in Europe and in Hungary too. In the festival we show 4 Korean films.

2005. április 05.
Titanic Filmfestival in Pécs
The ship of the Titanic Filmfestival arrives in Pécs too. Between 7. and 13. April in Apollo Art Cinema can we see the Titanic's films.

2005. április 04.
Awards won by Titanic's films
San Sebastian, Sundance, London, Gijon: only a few festivals, where the 12th Titanic Film Festival's films were prized.

2005. április 03.
Gala of the El perro negro
El perro negro: Stories from the Spanish Civil War, Péter Forgács’s film will be presented on 8. April, 20.00 in the Kossuth cinema in the presence of the director.

2005. április 01.
Polish brothers didn't come
To the biggest sorrow of the Titanic's organizers the creator couple couldn't satisfy the invitation.

2005. április 01.
International Nisi Masa meeting during Titanic
The international youth organization takes discourses in connection with the festival's films too.

2005. március 31.
Our ship is on the sea!
On 30. March, 20.00 opened the 12th Titanic Budapest International Filmfestival.

2005. március 31.
Guests on the board
As in every year this time also arrive reputed guests to the festival. On 31. March we can meet the Northfork's creators.

2005. március 30.
Patrice Leconte-retrospective
Örökmozgó cinema presents a selection of the director's works joined Intimate Strangers.

2005. március 30.
The lost masterpiece
We can present in the festival an anime from 1967, which was directed by Nagisa Oshima (Realm of the Senses, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrance!, Taboo).

2005. március 29.
Deneuve and Depardieu together again
In André Téchiné’s film the legendary couple, Catherine Deneuve and Gérard Depardieu meet again almost a quarter century after The Last Metro.

2005. március 29.
András Bozóki is our main patron
This year the cultural minister has taken on the main patronage of the festival.

2005. március 24.
Discounted student tickets in advance
You can buy tickets for the Titanic Filmfestival's films in advance for lower price if you have a student card.

2005. március 22.
9 Songs is coming
After all we can present Michael Winterbottom's film.

2005. március 21.
Howl's Moving Castle is deleted
The screening of the Hayao Miyazaki anime is cancelled.

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