Tricks (Sztuczki) at Titanic

From Tricks by Polish director Andrzej Jakimowski has won the Knight Grand Jury
Prize for best foreign film at the Miami Film Festival.

Tricks by Polish director Andrzej Jakimowski has won the Knight Grand Jury Prize for best foreign film at the Miami Film Festival, Polish Radio's external service reported. Released in 2007, Tricks has won awards in Venice, Tokyo, Mannheim, Sao Paulo and Bratislava.

This is the second film for Jakimowski, 45, after Squint Your Eyes. Tricks will go on general release in coming months in Holland, Belgium, Norway, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Bulgaria and
Hungary, said Polish Radio's website (www.thenews.pl).

Tricks explores the plight of a young boy who tries all kinds of tricks his older sister  taught him to get his absent father to come back home.

13 March 2008     FNE

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