Loren Cass

Section: Discovery of America
Directed by: Chris Fuller

USA, 2006

Dir.: Chris Fuller
Scr.: Chris Fuller
Phot.: William Garcia
Editor: Chris Fuller
Cast: Kayla Tabish, Chris Fuller, Travis Maynard
Format: 16 mm / Screening: BETA SP
83 mins
Contact: Glen Reynolds, glen@circusroadfilms.com

Saint Petersburg, Florida, 1997. The city is plagued by uprisings on the south side after a young black motorist is gunned by a white police officer. Cale and Jason reignite an old feud in the parking lot, setting off a cycle of violence that will see an ugly end. Cale meets Nicole after a series of near-misses when her car overheats near the auto shop where he works.

A starkly radical film debut of uncommon power and artistic principle, Chris Fuller’s Loren Cass announces a genuinely original filmmaking talent, who literally pulls no punches in his depiction of teeen angst and racial warfare on the streets of (1997) Saint Petersburg. Suffused with pessimism and an overarching sense of the loneliness of modern American life, Loren Cass affirms a vital alternative to the usual adolescent drama, making even Larry Clark look tame by the comparison.

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