Section: Discovery of America
Directed by: Kerry Douglas Dye and Jordan Hoffman

USA, 2007

Dir.: Kerry Douglas Dye, Jordan Hoffman
Scr.: Kerry Douglas Dye
Phot.: Raoul Germain
Editor: Evan Gatica
Music: Charlie Schmid
Cast: Robert Gomes, Leslie Kendall, Frank Deal, Saidah Arrika Ekulona, Antony Hagopian, Deborah Gibson
Format: 35 mm / Screening: BETA SP
Colour; 98 mins
Contact: LeisureSuit Media



Kip Polyard (played by Robert Gomes) suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder and hasn’t left his spacious Manhattan apartment in 10 months. When the beautiful Celine (Leslie Kendall) moves in next door, Kip is compelled to finally open his door... to romance. But soon Celine’s menacing ex, Andy (Frank Deal) appears, and Kip finds that he’s let in more than he bargained for, as Andy’s jealousy - and Celine’s dangerous secrets - threaten to dismantle Kip’s carefully-ordered world.

Will Kip be able to save Celine, and himself, from Andy’s wrath? And will Celine’s secrets dismantle Kip’s precisely ordered world? Also starring Deborah Gibson of Broadway and pop music fame, Body/Antibody is a dark black comedy. “The film works through clever dialogue, developing the theme of barriers, invasion and defenses as they apply to both mental and physical realms. Body/Antibody will make you think about dichotomies in life, lose faith in love, and then make you re-think it all again.” (Marya Summers)

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