Circus School

Section: Documentaries
Directed by: Guo Jing and Ke Dingding

Ma xi xue xiao
China, 2006

Dir.: Guo Jing, Ke Dingding
Phot.: Ke Dingding
Editor: Guo Jing
Format: Digi Beta
Screening: BETA SP
103 mins
Contact: TV2 World

The history of Chinese acrobatics dates back centuries. An art form that focuses on challenging physical limitations, acrobatics is considered the quintessence of China’s strength and power as a nation. At the Shanghai Circus school, students ranging in age from six to fifteen must complete a seven-year programme before working as professionals.

Guo Jing and Ke Dingding reveal the hard experiences of a group of children before they become acrobats, and show the in-human treatments they suffer as well as the victory and extraordinary power of humankind they experience when making a success of their tough training. In a verité style akin to that of pioneers such as Frederick Wiseman, the filmmakers give us a rare and unfettered look at the intense daily regime of several students and teachers at this lauded institution, as they prepare for a national competition.

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