Boarding Gate

Section: Elements of Crime
Directed by: Olivier Assayas

France, 2007

Dir.: Olivier Assayas
Scr.: Olivier Assayas
Phot.: Yorick Le Saux
Editor: Luc Barnier
Music: Brian Eno
Cast: Asia Argento, Michael Madsen, Carl Ng, Kelly Lin, Alex Descas, Kim Gordon
Format: 35 mm
106 mins
Contact: Memento Films


“This latest film of Olivier Assayas features an international cast in a thriller that follows the destiny of Sandra, a young Italian rebel and ex-prostie who makes a surprise visit to the Paris office of her ex-lover and former pimp, high-flying businessman Miles. Sandra reveals she is pursuing her dream to own a Beijing nightclub. Though tempted by Miles’ money, Sandra now has other options: she is also running drugs through an international import company she has a legit job for. Then narrative unravels into a murky mess as it spreads across to Hong Kong in the film’s last 40 minutes.” (Russell Edwards)

“It seemed right out of my film Demonlover. I also thought about a woman on the run, trying to escape the past. I wanted the second part to be about her escape, her being desperate and on the move. I knew the first part could pretty much take place in any Western city. But the second part had to be in Hong Kong. [...] I wanted so much to make a genre film, a film noir but a modern one. The film is between dream and reality. There is something very documentary about the Hong Kong scenes shot in the street, but also we are in some fantasy world and we move back and forth. It’s so much like we are in our lives.” (Olivier Assayas)

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