A Man’s Job

Section: Elements of Crime
Directed by: Aleksi Salmenperä

Miehen työ
Finland, 2007

Dir.: Aleksi Salmenperä
Scr.: Aleksi Salmenperä
Phot.: Tuomo Hutri
Editor: Samu Heikkilä
Music: Ville A. Tanttu
Cast: Tommi Korpela, Maria Heiskanen, Jani Volanen, Stan Saanila, Konsta Pylkkönen
Format: 35 mm; Colour
85 mins
Contact: Finnish Film Institute

Juha is an ordinary, thirtysomething man with a job, a wife and children. One day when he looses his job he feels ashamed and a failure, and decides to keep the fact that he got fired to himself. This also because he is worried about his wife’s mental health. Juha starts spending his days at a remote service station thinking about a way out of the situation. He offers his DIY skills and gets his first job working for an older and wealthy lady. Strangely enough, she is not so much interesting in his carpentry skills as she is in his body. So, Juha finds himself stark naked brushing the hair of a woman he has never met before. He also finds himself earning in two hours what he used to earn in two days at his old job. With the help of his friend Olli, Juha, the father of three small children, begins to sell his body in earnest.

Juha finds himself in strange and new situations, and his shame and lies grow, but the money helps him cope with the downside of his new profession. However he can’t stop the tension rising in his family. A Man’s Job is a psychological and family drama about an individual in the developed capitalist society. The film is also an interesting look at ‘one of the oldest professions in the world’ - being done by a man.

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