Flower of Seduction

Section: Elements of Crime
Directed by: Antonio González Vigil

Naranjo en flor
Argentina, Spain, 2005

Dir.: Antonio González Vigil
Scr.: Antonio González Vigil
Phot.: Federico Juárez
Editor: Baltasar Gonzalez
Music: Jose A. Jiménez, Chavela Vargas, Joaquín Sabina, Gustavo G. Mendy
Cast: Eduardo Blanco, María Marull, Dalia Elnecavé, Fausto Collado, Verónica Bonter, Constanza Fiardi Mazza
Format: 35 mm / Screening: BETA SP
Colour; 93 mins

Contact: Antonio González Vigil


Malena is an attractive woman, psychoanalyst of profession and tango dancer by devotion. One night she kills accidentally a man and decides to hide her crime. Days after, she sees in the news the man’s wife and little daughter: he was a policeman. In her plan, Malena meets Carlos, work companion of the dead policeman who is investigating his disappearance. He is of Vasc origin and they call him “the Sabina,” because sometimes he answers using phrases of the songs of the artist. A strange fascination captures Malena with “the Sabina,” the man who has to discover the crime she committed and take her to prison. Since the beginning, the relationship between them is passionate and transgressor, without moral limits.

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