Under the Stars

Section: Foam of the Days
Directed by: Félix Viscarret

Bajo las estrellas
Spain, 2007

Dir.: Félix Viscarret
Scr.: Félix Viscarret (based on the novel by Fernando Aramburu)
Phot.: Álvaro Gutierrez
Editor: Ángel Hernández Zoido
Music: Mikel Salas
Cast: Alberto San Juan, Emma Suárez, Julián Villagrán, Violeta Rodríguez, Luz Valdenebro
Format: 35 mm
107 mins
Contact: Alex Lafuente, alex@notrofilms.com, Notro Films


A wannabe jazz trumpeter finds redemption via his village roots in Under the Stars, a drama that combines quirkiness with poetry and more than consolidates the international rep writer-director Félix Viscarret established with his shorts. Heartless, thoughtless and witless, Benny learns of the death of his father in his native village in the north. Reluctantly leaving g.f. Pauli in Madrid, he heads back to Navarre for the funeral and to find out about a land inheritance. There, he finds his brother, insecure former alcoholic Lalo, taking his first uncertain steps back to recovery via sculpting scrap metal and a stormy relationship with Nines.

“Script keeps a wry eye on the oddball details of rural life and grounds its themes in its characters. Well-directed cast makes the film work across the board, mixing gentle comedy with moments of tenderness. Alberto San Juan can often be an irritatingly mannered actor, but here he marvelously combines Benny’s harrowing search for himself with nicely played comedy. Scenes in which Benny tries to communicate with the silent Ainara (Nines’ daughter) are memorable. Lensing is simple and effective, with just occasional nods toward stylization.” (Jonathan Holland)

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