Breaking the Surface

Section: Foam of the Days
Directed by: Felicitas Korn

Germany, 2006

Dir.: Felicitas Korn
Scr.: Felicitas Korn
Phot.: Kay Gauditz
Editor: Ulrike Tortora
Music: Ron Schickler
Cast: Henriette Heinze, Golo Euler, Sabine Bach, Wolfgang Packhaeuser, Till Trenkel, Patrick Gueldenberg, Juergen Lehmann, Claire Oelkers
Format: 35 mm; Colour
96 mins
Contact: ARRI Media Worldsales

„A mesmerizing utterly committed performance by Henriette Heinze as a young woman swept away by an amour fou makes Beaking the Surface a breath of fresh air. This notable debut from Munich-trained writer-director Felicitas Korn carries an erotic and emotional charge that doesn’t rely on visual or verbal histrionics for its protag’s confusion. Hihgly accessible pic.” (Derek Elley)

„A very intimate look at the pleasures and perils of young love. In her frank, stylish debut feature, Felicitas Korn displays infectious energy, startling emotional insight and a rare command of that most awkward of filmmaking challenges: the sex scenes.” (Hannah McGill)

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