The Unpolished

Section: Foam of the Days
Directed by: Pia Marais

Die Unerzogenen
Germany, 2007

Dir.: Pia Marais
Scr.: Horst Markgraf, Pia Marais
Phot.: Diego Martinez Vignatti
Editor: Daniela Boch, Mona Bräuer
Music: Jochen Arbeit, Horst Markgraf, Yoyo Röhm
Cast: Birol Ünel, Pascale Schiller, Céci Chuh, Georg Friedrich, Joana Preiss
Format: 35 mm; Colour
95 mins

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In this energetic debut film Stevie is a 14-year-old girl with two stray hippies as parents. When they decide to move to the countryside, she hopes for some stability in life. In order to emphasise her hope, she pretends to be a respectable diplomat’s daughter in her new town. But a new reality doesn’t just turn up and it soon becomes clear that her parents have again turned to illegal activities to finance their expensive lifestyle. Slowly but surely everything gets out of hand. The more the house fills with her parents’ friends and sidekicks, the more Stevie is forced to go her own way.

The Unpolished shows how a young girl has to survive in the physically and emotionally destructive world of adults who should really be offering her warmth and security. In a powerful yet reticent way, the film provides a revealing picture of a society off the rails in which the roles of parents and children have been reversed. Who is looking after whom?

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