57.000 Km Between Us

Section: French Shoals
Directed by: Delphine Kreuter

57000 km entre nous
France, 2008

Dir.: Delphine Kreuter
Scr.: Delphine Kreuter, Mathieu Lis, Emmanuel Finkiel
Phot.: Delphine Kreuter
Editor: Valentine Borlant, François Gedigier, Delphine Kreuter
Cast: Florence Thomassin, Pascal Bongard, Marie Burgun, Hadrien Bouvier, Stéphanie Michelini
Format: 35 mm; Colour
82 mins

Contact: Institut Français, Budapest


Nat, a French adolescent, lives with her mother, mother’s new husband and her two little sisters, but we hardly ever see them together harmoniously. Nat prefers to chat from her scuffy attic with an unknown man who degenerates into truly regressive behaviour in front of his webcam and with a sick young friend who is forced to live in quarantine in a hospital. The webcam is also a lifeline between the sick son and his stiff mother, and between Nat and her father, with whom she’d prefer to live. Her stepfather does nothing but make home movies of his wife and the rest of the family to put on his website.

Kreuter uses a loose narrative style filled with camera dynamics, set a filled with oversaturated colours and adults who almost outplay themselves. This provides a rather absurd and surrealist background to this modern allegory about growing up in a world that is dominated by means of communication, but that doesn’t do much terms of real communication. When some characters meet each other whether they want or not, Nat’s coming-of-age story takes a surprising turn.

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