Lady Chatterley

Section: French Shoals
Directed by: Pascale Ferran

France, Belgium, 2006

Dir.: Pascale Ferran
Scr.: Pascale Ferran, Roger Bohbot, Pierre Trividic, D. H. Lawrence
Phot.: Julien Hirsch
Editor: Mathilde Muyard, Yann Dedet
Music: Béatrice Thiriet
Cast: Marina Hands, Jean-Louis Coullo’ch, Hippolyte Girardot, Hélène Alexandridis, Hélène Fillière
Format: 35 mm
158 mins
Distributor in Hungary: SPI. Available on DVD from 13 May 2008.


Few people know that the once so scandalous novel by D. H. Lawrence Lady Chatterley’s Lover had two later versions. Pascale Ferran chose the second for her film, and unlike previous adaptations - British, French, American and a Czech television adaptation, she plays down the social and exaltedly erotic motifs, and focuses instead on a story of passion between two lonely people, which ulimately becomes a tale of true love.

23-year-old Constance marries mine-owner Clifford Chatterley. It’s the year 1917 - the groom returns home from the war a cripple and has to spend the remainder of his life in a wheelchair. The young couple retreat to their country seat in Wragby, far removed from prying eyes. And it is here that the lonely, unhappy lady meets gamekeeper Olivier Parkin and a profoundly passionate affair begins.

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