Very Well, Thank You

Section: French Shoals
Directed by: Emmanuelle Cuau

Très bien, merci
France, 2006

Dir.: Emmanuelle Cuau
Scr.: Emmanuelle Cuau, Agnès Caffin
Phot.: Bruno de Keyzer
Editor: Jackie Bastide
Cast: Gilbert Melki, Sandrine Kiberlain, Olivier Cruveiller, Christophe Odent, René Remblier, Grégory Gadebois, Baptiste Roussillon
Format: 35 mm
102 mins


Egalité and fraternité perhaps - but liberté? Parisian accountant Alex Gilbert (Gilbert Melki) can't help noticing how much more police presence is around on the Metro, but doesn't think he'll be affected, until he gets cautioned for smoking. Matters come to a head when he hovers too close to the scene of an arrest, decides to stand up for his rights, and finds his life turned upside down by a system that is nightmarishly indifferent to the individual.

A touch of Kafka, albeit in a strictly realist register, gives a chilling edge to this sardonic protest against the erosion of everyday liberties in the new France. Melki and Sandrine Kiberlain, as his cab-driver wife, are among French cinema's experts at slow-burning anxiety, and they're on top of their game in this taut, thought-provoking drama. (Jonathan Romney)

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