Burn the Bridges

Section: Mexican mosaic
Directed by: Francisco Franco-Alba

Quemar las naves
Mexico, 2007

Dir.: Francisco Franco-Alba
Scr.: Maria Reneé Prudencio, Francisco Franco-Alba
Phot.: Erika Licea
Editor: Sebastián Garza
Music: Alejandro Giacomán
Cast: Irene Azuela, Ángel Onésimo Nevares, Claudette Maillé, Pablo Benítez, Ramón Valdez, Jessica Segura, Juan Carlos Barreto, Aída López, Diana Bracho, Alberto Estrella
Format: 35 mm; Colour; 100 mins

Contact: Imcine



Siblings Helena and Sebastian develop the hots for each other while caring for their dying, cancer-ridden mom, former pop singer Eugenia. Add in the family's snooping maid Chaya; the awkward homoerotic impulses Sebastian feels for the new boy at school, Juan; and the familiar tropes of a sprawling bourgeois manse on the edge of decay and the oppressive atmosphere of Sebastian's Catholic-run school, and the film would seem awash in cliches and narrative minefields. Instead, Franco and screenwriter Maria Renee Prudencio find a groove early on that keeps the film hopping with the unexpected, hinging everything on the volatile emotions of a pair of teens on the precipice of major life changes. (Robert Koehler)

"Burn The Bridges is a film about teenage passion, in which action precedes judgment. It describes the path to authenticity and freedom that every human being must travel when facing an ecstatic ambiance that pushes them to the edge of submission and uniformity. It is an invitation to defeat the fear of burning the bridges to find our own voice. Burn the Bridges is not a nostalgic vision, nor romantic, of this difficult transition phase; it narrates in present times a history of emotions and feelings not limited to a moral judgment." (Francisco Franco-Alba)

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