Section: Mexican mosaic
Directed by: Juan Patricio Riveroll

Mexico, 2007

Dir.: Juan Patricio Riveroll
Scr.: Juan Patricio Riveroll
Phot.: Roberto Macías, Jorge Senyal
Editor: Roberto Garza, Alejandro Molina
Cast: Artúro Ríos, Marina Magro, Daniela Schmidt, Martin LaSalle
Format: 35 mm
88 mins
Contact: Mexican Film Institute

Pablo, a writer suffering from writer’s block whose marriage is in its final stages has a one-night stand with a very young woman, María. The next morning, the writer must take to the road in order to write a tourist guidebook on Mexico, and he asks the woman to go with him. She accepts without letting anyone know. The film describes the exact progression of their feelings, the exchanges that the protagonists’ experience at the beginning of a relationship free of promises and consequences. A light, accurate road movie set to the rhythm of opera airs.

“This is a film about a drifting relationship, but there is an attempt to make it stand on a solid ground. The attempt is not visible; the solid ground is not there. Throughout the film, its long stretches of melodic silence broken up with small scrubs of words and music, the flow of the picture builds up an atmosphere of freedom and joy – feelings of life in the moment that make the temporary seem eternal.” (Nabeeha Lotfy)

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