Bad Habits

Section: Mexican mosaic
Directed by: Simón Bross

Malos Hábitos
Mexico, 2007

Dir.: Simón Bross
Scr.: Ernesto Anaya
Phot.: Eduardo Martínez Solares
Editor: Adolfo Ibarrola
Cast: Jimena Ayala, Marco Trevino, Aurora Cano, Emilio Echevarría, Patricia Reyes Spíndola, Elenada Haro
Format: 35 mm
103 mins
Contact: Fortissimo Films


Matilde is a nun convinced that faith moves mountains. Secretly she begins a mystic fasting to end what she considers to be the second great flood. Elena is a thin and fashion-conscious woman ashamed of her daughter’s chubbiness. She’s willing to do the impossible to make her daughter Linda thin so Linda will look like a little princess on the day she receives her first communion. At the same time Elena’s husband Gustavo - a professor of architecture - cannot cope any more with his wife's bones sticking into him during more intimate moments. For relief, he turns his attention to a buxom female student with a hearty appetite. One family, diverse eating disorders. Their faith, love and vanity are all put to the test at the dining room table.

Visually precise and well-cast Bad Habits has its moments of humor and irony but is mostly concerned with the ways in which eating disorders make daily life tough to swallow and reality hard to digest. The connections among the main characters are presented in terse, visually arresting layers.

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