The Other Side of the Mirror: Bob Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival

Section: Music for All
Directed by: Murray Lerner

USA, 2007

Dir.: Murray Lerner
Phot.: Murray Lerner
Editor: Howard Alk, Pagan Harleman, Alison Hiem, George Panos, Einar Westerlund
Cast: Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Judy Collins
Format: 35 mm / Screening: BETA SP
Colour; 83 mins
jwmiller@pbs.org, MLF Productions

Over forty years has passed since the fateful night of July 25, 1965 when Bob Dylan indelibly declared his shift from folk to rock at the Newport Folk Festival. Numerous myths have sprung from the moment that Dylan plugged in to perform an electric set of Maggie's Farm and Like a Rolling Stone — most frequently citing the boos from folk music fans who either objected to the poor sound or thought he was betraying his acoustic roots. Popular legend then describes how Dylan acquiesced to the folk purists by returning to the stage with acoustic guitar to render Mr. Tambourine Man and the most fitting swan song possible — It's All Over, Baby Blue. Until now, we've only had public access to portions of this legendary set on film, but forty-two years later we are now privileged to view this seminal event complete without commentary!

Lerner's documentary includes a raw record of Dylan's Newport daytime workshops and night performances—unearthing approximately 60 minutes of previously unseen footage for the 80 minute film. Without narration or a plethora of typical talking head commentary, Lerner's minimalist black and white long takes reveal a true window into the innocence of the sixties – the jean clad youth, who somehow believed that sharing folk music lent hopes for social justice and world peace.

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