Strawberry Shortcakes

Section: Sea of Japan
Directed by: Hitoshi Yazaki

Japan, 2006

Dir.: Hitoshi Yazaki
Scr.: Kiriko Nananan, Kyoko Inukai
Phot.: Isao Ishii
Editor: Naruo Tada
Music: Masashi Furuya
Cast: Ikewaki Chizuru, Nakagoshi Noriko, Nakamura Yûko, Kase Ryo, Ando Masanobu
Format: 35 mm
127 mins
Contact: Uplink Co, Tokyo


The film, based on a popular manga by Nananan Kiriko, is about four very different different young women in contemporary Tokyo. The women are followed two by two and the stories continue to run in parallel throughout the film. They are modern self-sufficient women and their stories are told with mild irony and a dash of melancholy. For instance Akiyo sleeps in a coffin to remain conscious of her mortality, but that doesn't mean the film is full of cartoon jokes like this. The film is more reflective and authentic in its image of contemporary urban Japan. It is pleasant and entertaining, but the viewer is not lulled to sleep.

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Yakuza: 893239
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