Of Monster Mode

Section: Sea of Japan
Directed by: Ishii Yuya

Bakemono moyou
Japan, 2008

Dir.: Ishii Yuya
Scr.: Ishii Yuya, Toyone Yuichi
Phot.: Matsui Hiroki
Editor: Ishii Yuya
Music: Imamura Yusuke
Cast: Otori Rei, Oda Yonosuke, Shiomi Satoshi, Inagawa Miyoko, Jingu Masahiro, Hojyo Tatsuaki, Ikawa Ayuko, Uchibori Yohiyuki, Ishii Yuya
Format: 35 mm / Screening: BETA SP
Colour; 98 mins
Contact: PIA Film Festival


Junko (Rei Otori) went slightly mad after son Kiyoshi (acting as sometime narrator) drowned in the sea. Her guilt-wracked hubby is having a hard time dealing with her bizarre behavior, but she finds a champion when she’s accidentally knocked over by Tombo (Yonosuke Oda), a hyperactive weirdo dressed as a giant green melon to help his aunt sell fruit buns. Tombo falls in love, but Junko just wants an accomplice to punish her husband.

The film maker took the idea for his bizarre film story from a quote from Ihara Saikaku, a 17th-century Japanese poet. He is supposed to have said: ‘People are nothing but monsters.’ The director did not take the statement too literally. His people remain very human, even though they are all a little out of the ordinary, but that is more comic than tragic and certainly not monstrous.

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Yakuza: 893239
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