Those Three

Section: World Cinema
Directed by: Naghi Nemati

An She-seh
Iran, 2007

Dir.: Naghi Nemati
/Scr.: Naghi Nemati
Phot.: Hooman Behmanesh
Editor: Naghi Nemati, Majid Mostafavi
Cast: Yousef Yazdani, Dariush Ghazbani, Esmail Movahedi, Javad Saremi, Akbar Mansouri, Fatemeh Mir Soleimani Far
Format: 35 mm / BETA SP
80 mins
Contact: Iranian Independents

One freezing winter day, three young soldiers leave their military training without permission. They wander in the snow, searching for a sign of life other than themselves in the vast open spaces. Lost in the foggy landscape, they meet a pregnant woman who has been smuggled across the border. The encounter will force them to face their destinies, no matter how cruel that end might turn out to be.

Nothing superfluous is to be found here. We are presented with a story stripped down to the bare essentials, an eloquent portrayal of three taciturn young men on a collective escape toward individual freedom. All of the film’s action takes place in a wintry, dreamlike tableau, consciously accentuating the desolation of “those three” lost souls in a build-up toward unexpected beauty. Through the seemingly choreographed movement of uniformed figures, the all-white vista is slowly impregnated with a harrowing sense of emptiness that evokes deep despair. (Dimitri Eipides)

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