Section: World Cinema
Directed by: Damir Manabai

Kazahstan, 2006

Dir.: Damir Manabaj
Scr.: Smagul Elubaj
Phot.: Bulat Sulejev, Murat Alijev
Editor: Szvetlana Nijazova
Cast: Zuhra Taszirova, Erik Zsolzsakszinov, Nijaz Abdigaparov, Aldabek Saldajev, Csodzsadurdi Narlijev
Format: 35 mm
85 mins
Contact: Kazahfilm

Upholding ancient traditions is an unwritten law for the families and tribes of the infinite Kazakh Steppe. Their barbaric cruelty, however, is unable to thwart the love of the brave Yershor from the Adai tribe and the beautiful Zhemal from the line of Zhaumits, sworn enemies of the Adais. After a single night of happiness, fate separates the lovers forever. Zhemal isn’t broken by the humiliating torture afflicted upon her by her own family, but a far more savage punishment awaits the incarcerated Yershor.

This could be seen as a Romeo and Juliet tragedy, however, the story is firmly anchored in the real-life situations and elemental spirit of the Steppe. Its vastness determines both the indomitability of human passion and unbridled hunger for battle. Here, the wind, the gallop of horses, the swift arrows and the rashly drawn sword are symbolic of this native land.

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