Stop Revolution

Section: World Cinema
Directed by: Ivan Kravchyshyn

Ukraine, 2007

Dir.: Ivan Kravchyshyn
Scr.: Ivan Kravchyshyn
Phot.: Mihailo Kretov
Editor: Ivan Kravchyshyn
Music: Igor Stetsyuk
Cast: Mikola Oliynik, Aleksiy Vertinskiy, Aleksiy Bondaryov, Lev Somov, Viktoriya Smatselyuk
Format: 35 mm
Colour; 90 mins
Contact: PRE Ltd.,

The Chernobyl tragedy in the Ukraine affected so many people, including nuclear physicist Nestor Ivanovich Hreem. The man who never made compromises is now in prison and telling a police investigator his story. Nestor's life story intersects with that of some naive sportsmen who've gotten on the wrong side of evil gangster Doc -- Hreem's brother. At one time, "Doc" ran the ministry charged with sending aid to Chernobyl victims. He encouraged Nestor's son to volunteer there, resulting in his painful death from radiation poisoning.

As a nuclear physicist, his guiding principles are determined by his profession, a field in which there is no room for half-measures. People like Nestor, however, have a tough time in today’s world, where two plus two doesn’t make four, where your brother stabs you in the back, and where no-one is responsible for his actions. A world where everyone upholds his own truth and state powers are capable of sending thousands of people to their deaths. This is Ukraine, still lying under the ashes of Chernobyl and still hungover from the Orange Revolution. There are too few people living here who won’t betray “today” when tomorrow comes.

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