Titanic Party in Gödör - report

The mood in Club Gödör was fantastic even before the concerts kicked off. The most prominent figures of the Hungarian underground music scene were hanging out with other guests, waiting for the concerts.

Ezeknäk started the night. The group consists of Heaven Street Seven singer Krisztián Szűcs and bass player Róbert Németh, keyboard player Gergely Kovács from Kutya Vacsorája, who also plays the guitars, while Tibor Simon from Rag Doll was the percussionist. The group only rarely plays together, and their repertoire tonight included popular and lesser known Joy Division songs.
The crowd was growing, more and more people were arriving. French director Delphine Kreuter, one of our festival guests, was also enjoying the event. During resetting, filmmaker György Pálfi also arrived, and appreciated the performance of Hangmás. It would be hard to categorise the band; they are somewhere in between new wave, electro-punk and garage rock. All six members are very different personalities and whatever they come up with together whirls everyone. Another interesting element is that in 2006 an Austrian guest-guitarist (Paul Confuse, ex-member of Fatou Dust) joined the band, who contributes to the unique sound of Hangmás with his guitar distortions.

Besides covering their currently released new album, Funeral Party Budapest, they also played Joy Division’s Transmission in the encore, as well as an alternative version of Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walking.”

DJ Tóni Vida took over from midnight to entertain the audience. The party went on until dawn – never better party for Titanic!

Before the concert excerpts were shown from the Joy Division documentary, which will be shown in its entirety at 4 p.m. on Friday the 11th in Toldi Cinema. 

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