The best film of the competition section of Titanic, which will be awarded by an international jury just like in the previous years,  receives the prestigious BREAKING WAVES AWARD, which comes with a €10.000 prize.

Members of the international jury:

Grainne Humphreys

Grainne Humphreys is the director of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival. Co-writer, editor of several books on Irish cinema. Former Head of Education at the Irish Film Institute. Describes her job as consisting of „traditional five-day week[s], researching what’s new in the international film industry, with a number of trips to film festivals around the world. Attending festivals is great fun, but also exhausting. You set yourself a target to see as much as possible - sometimes six or seven films a day. Then from October onwards, it’s a series of deadlines and invitations to filmmakers and guests to come to the Film Festival, with our cut-off date in early January.” (The Dubliner, Feb. 8, 2008)

Marek Dobes

Having been in the film business for ten years, Marek Dobes has become one of the best Czech film and television directors and screenwriters. He obtained his Master's degree in film criticism at the Charles University College of Social Science in 1998. During studies participated on Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. As a director debuted in 1999 with a short horror comedy I Was a Teenage Intellectual. The film was awarded Golden Award at Worldfest Houston among others. As for feature-length films, Marek Dobes debuted both as a director and producer with a black comedy Choking Hazard which internationally debuted on Tribeca Film Festival being sold to US and Germany market. As a screenwriter he wrote two prime time TV series: A place above and A place in life, which became one of the most successful TV shows in the post-socialistic Czech Republic. More than half of all television viewers were watching every episode when it debuted. Last year was Marek Dobes member of Festroia film festival - the American independent cinema jury and Manaki Bros - International Cinematographers Film Festival jury.

Kornél Mundruczó

He was born in Budapest in 1975. He received a Diploma in Acting from the University of Theatre and Film in 1998. In the same year he was accepted to the School of Film Directing. He made several films during his college years, which were widely recognised both in Hungary and abroad. Among many other acknowledgements, his shorts received awards in Oberhausen, Cracow, Ludwigsburg, Imola, and in St. Petersburg. His film, Pleasant Days won the Silver Leopard Award in Locarno in 2002, and continued its success story in Brussels, Sophia, and Angers. His opera film, Joan of Arc on the Night Bus got invited to the programme of the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes in 2003. He was also invited to the Résidance programme with his film plan of Delta in 2003. His auteurial diploma-film, Little Apokrif No. 2 was the first Hungarian film in the Cinéfondation programme of Cannes. In 2004 Viktoria Petrányi and himself established their Proton Cinema production company. In 2007 his film Delta won the Golden Reel Award at the 39th Hungarian Film Week.

2000: This I Wish and Nothing More
2001: Day After Day (short)
2002: Pleasant Days
2003: Kis Apokrif No.1 (short)
2003: Joan of Arc of the Night Bus (segment of A Bus Came...)
2004: Kis Apokrif No.2 (short)
2005: Shortlasting Silence (segment of Lost and Found)
2005: Johanna
2007: Delta

Source: Magyar Filmunió, picture: est.hu

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