Long Shadows

Section: Elements of Crime
Directed by: Connie Walther

Germany, 2008

Dir.: Connie Walther
Scr.: Connie Walther, Peter Jürgen Boock, Uli Herrmann
Phot.: Birgit Gudjonsdottir
Ed.: Karen Loennecker
Cast: Ulrich Noethen, Franziska Petri, Tatja Seibt, Rino Zepf, Christoph Bach, Eva Mattes, Gottfried Breitfuss, Uwe Kockisch
Format: 35 mm; Color; 92 mins
Language: German voice, English subtitle, Hungarian voice over

After 22 years in prison, the one-time terrorist Widmer has been released. Widmer was a leading member of the “second generation of the RAF.” During a kidnapping that backfired badly, his commando killed von Seichfeld, a bank director – as well as one of Seichfeld’s employees. Widmer’s attorney has furnished him with a place in an anonymous apartment complex in Freiburg. Widmer isn’t aware that Valerie, the young woman who lives next door, is the daughter of the gardener who had been shot dead in the assault. He senses her tension but has no way of knowing Valerie is searching for her father’s murderer.

“In earlier days, he thrust himself into her life, violently; now she does not leave him alone. They have to go on with their common history, they have to get involved with each other to step from the past’s overwhelming shadows. In reality, this may be an unbearable confrontation, which a single human life might not be capable of coping with. In fiction, it constitutes a possibility.” (Connie Walther)

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