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Digital expansion for Palace Cinemas

XDC has struck a deal with Palace Cinemas to supply digital projection systems to the company’s cinemas. The agreement will see DCI-compliant projection systems rolled out in 170 of Palace Cinema’s screens in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary from the second half of 2009. The venture will be co-financed by the Virtual Print Fee (VPF) model.

Wenders to direct first 3D dance feature

Wim Wenders and the legendary choreographer Pina Bausch are collaborating on the first dance feature film to be shot in 3D. Wenders has been keen to work with Bausch for some time but before the development of 3D was unable to find the right medium. He said that 3D will help to “take the audience directly on to the stage.

Asger Leth filming in Hollywood

In 2008 one of the highlights of Titanic Film Festival was the superb Danish doc, the raw and uncompromising "Ghosts of Cité Soleil" from the Haitian ghetto. Now director Asger Leth is ready to embark on his first feature film.

Film Institutions about Titanic

Both the Norwegian Film Institute  and the Icelandic Film Centre announce in their headlines the recognition of North by the Breaking Waves Award and the successful presentation of White Night Wedding acclaiming the Audience Award at Titanic Film Festival. The next stop for North is going to be the New York based Tribeca Film Festival.

North is the Breaking Waves Award-winner film

We have the pleasure to announce you that has Rune Denstad Langlo’s North has won the Breaking Waves Award of the 16th Titanic International Film Festival and the National Student Jury Award, while the Festival’s Audience Award has been attributed to Baltasar Kormákur’s White Night Wedding.

Baltasar Kormákur was our guest

The Icelandic director of 101 Reykjavík, Jar City and White Night Wedding, President of Titanic Jury and winner of last year’s Breaking Waves Award met the audience on Thursday evening.

Thursday party in Toldi

We are glad to inform you that the vodka-cucumber party in Toldi on Thursday eve was a great success.

Stéphane Malandrine at Titanic

Stéphane Malandrine who made  Hand of the Headless Man Belgian thriller with his brother Guillaume is Titanic’s guest. 

The weekend starts

Our Friday offer: Berlin Calling, Big Man Japan.

Our guest was the main actor of North

Norwegian Anders Baasmo was at Titanic and seduced the audience with his Scandinavian sense of humour. 

"Where are the festivals on the Hungarian film industry map?"

On April 4th, Saturday, Titanic International Film Festival hosted a professional discussion where the leaders of different Hungarian film festivals gave account of the current situation of their organisations.

Independent film distribution 2.0

On March 31st in Toldi cinema small room the public had the opportunity to attend a roundtable-discussion about the future and the possibilities of film distribution.   

Thursday programme offer

We recommend two Q&A-s to our viewers: today you can meet Icelandic director Baltasar Kormákur and French filmmaker Stephane Malandrine at Titanic.

Jean-Xavier de Lestrade was at Titanic

Jean-Xavier de Lestrade Oscar winner documentary filmmaker brought us his first feature to the 16th  Titanic International Film Festival. Lestrade met the audience after the screening of Welcome Home on March 30th in Uránia National Film Theatre.  

Animation films in the afternoon, thrilling movies for the evening

Those who want animation films, pay a visit to KINO to attend the screening of Fear(s) of the Dark French animation film, or go and see Japanese Shinkai Makoto’s beautiful anime,  5 Centimeters per Second in Toldi. 

Grégoire Colin at Titanic

Grégoire Colin, starring in French thriller The Killer, is Titanic’s guest until Wednesday.

Nordic Films and Lots of Black Humour Today at Titanic

Our programme offer: North, Berlin Calling, Terribly Happy.

The director of Elevator was here

The Titanic International Film Festival had the honour to host Romanian filmmaker George Dorobantu last weekend. The Q&A-s took place in Örökmozgó and Toldi Cinemas. 

Monday: guests from France

More Q&A-s: Grégoire Colin and Oscar-winning Jean-Xavier de Lestrade.

Sunday Film Delicacies

Come and see Benicio del Toro’s Cannes Awarded acting in Che by Steven Soderbergh; Killing Kasztner, a Hungary-related documentary; and a Taiwan melodrama.  

Ropedancers and hunger strikers on today’s programme

On Saturday Man on the Rope Oscar winning documentary, George Dorobantu’s Elevator and Cannes Awarded Hunger can be seen at Titanic. 

Q&A-s at Titanic

The audience had the opportunity to meet two filmmakers on Friday in Uránia National Film Theatre: Belgian Taylan Barman and Argentine Diego Sabanés, directors of 9mm and Made Up Memories

Cannes Grand Prize awarded maffia film opened Titanic

We got an insight into the deepest layers of the underworld of Naples in the festival opening film at the 16th edition of Titanic International Film Festival.

Change of programme!

We regret to inform our readers and festival goers that a slight change has occured in the festival programme published in Pesti Est's Titanic special edition.(Long Shadows).

Scary animation and Academy Award winner documentary at Titanic

Good news to all movie-fans: the 16th Titanic International Film Festival begins in less than two weeks, on 26th March! Hungary’s greatest international film event again offers a varied program with a multiplicity of genres and themes.

The film list of the 16th Titanic International Film Festival has been finalized

The programme contains an impressively wide range of films from Japanese anime to northern horror, from thriller to (real and fake) documentary. Hungary’s greatest international film festival presents altogether 55 films from 26 countries between 26 March - 5 April, 2009.

Titanic sets sail next month!

Movie-goers may again choose from a number of bold and unique films at the 16th Titanic International Film Festival between 26 March – 5 April, 2009. The submission deadline for the 16th Titanic Film Festival has ended. The complete programme is due to be announced int he middle of March.


The organizers of the Azyl Festival in Bratislava and of the BuSho in Budapest are fed up with the political debates, and they decided that they would try to prove (first of all on a cultural scene): Yes, there's a normal Slovak-Hungarian relation-though this is not what we hear  from the media...

Secret Of The Grain

Abdellatif Kechiche's film, Secret of the Grain, is being screened in Hungarian cinemas, which was first introduced to national audiences at last year's Titanic festival. The Tunisian director-scripwriter of the French drama received the 21st European Film Awards Prix FIPRESCI Critics' Award in 2008.

9 Foreign Language Films Advance in 2008 Oscar Race

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released their shortlist of nine foreign-language films, which will be whittled down to five Oscar nominees on January 22:

Titanic films in cinema

Several films from the program of the 2008 Titanic Film Festival made it to nationwide Hungarian theatrical release so far including Just Another Love Story from Ole Bornedal and Half Nelson by Ryan Fleck – not to mention 3:10 to Yuma, El Bano de Papa, In the Valley of Elah, Rescue Dawn and In Bruge all of which had their premiere at our festival and enjoyed great success in cinemas, partially due to their festival participation.

About our call for entries

Formally, the entry for the 16th Titanic International Filmfestival will begin on 15th December, and that is already certain that we can accept only feature - lenght films, which made after 1st January 2008. Unfortunately we have no opportunity to accept works that are shorter than 65 minutes or documentaries. The date of the festival is: 26th March - 5th April, 2009., and we are expecting daring and original works from all over the world. You can learn more of the terms of entry on 15th December. The entry is free of charge this year as well.

Blu-ray at Titanic

Werner Herzog's new film, Rescue Dawn, that was screened in a unique Blu-ray format, had a full house premiere at Titanic. Distributed by Forum Home Entertainment in Hungary, Rescue Dawn, starring Christian Bale, recaptures a true story that Werner Herzog had already engaged in, in an earlier documentary.

Donnie Darko sequel S. Darko starts shooting May 18

UK-based sales company Velvet Octopus will be launching sales in Cannes for S. Darko, billed as the sequel to the 2001 cult hit Donnie Darko. Fox has already taken North American rights.

The closing ceremony of the 15th Titanic International Film Festival

Blindness set for first sight at Cannes

Speculation was mounting last night that Brazilian film-maker Fernando Meirelles' adaptation of Jose Saramago's bestselling mystery Blindness will open the Cannes international film festival on May 14.

Nordic music and crime stories are the winners of the Titanic

Jar City, the Islandic crime story was awarded as the strongest film in competition of the 15th Titanic International Film Festival by Grainne Humphreys, director of the Dublin Film Festival, Czech director and scenarist Marek Dobes and Hungarian director Kornél Mundruczó.

Mexico City - Budapest, not a big distance for Titanic

Last year Guillermo del Toro surprised festivalgoers, when he appeared to view his friend, Daniel Gruener's competing film. This morning another surprise guest arrived from Mexico City: Daniel Gruener's student.

Black comedy from New York

I have used autobiographical elements, but I have never killed a man” - said American film director Kerry Douglas Dye, who arrived to the festival with his second noir-comedy hybrid Body/Antibody.

Sundance opening film concludes the 15th Titanic International Film Festival

Four international filmmakers will attend the Closing Gala of Titanic Film Festival on April 13th, to personally await the announcement of this year’s Breaking Waves Award and the requisite 10,000-Euro prize.

Titanic Party in Gödör - report

The mood in Club Gödör was fantastic even before the concerts kicked off. The most prominent figures of the Hungarian underground music scene were hanging out with other guests, waiting for the concerts.

Bloody Danish action film in premiere plan – film professionals about screenwriting

"We’re in an unusual situation”, addressed the audience Balázs Varga after the Tuesday evening screening of Go in Peace Jamal

“The shop assistant knows me by now” – Notes from Vörösmarty

A small community evolves during the festival”, “The shop assistant recognises my face by now”, “we teach the people how to use the translating equipment” - answered venue volunteers to the question why it is good to work in Vörösmarty and what the festival atmosphere is like.

Another public screening of the popular Czech puppet-horror on Tuesday

"We’re always looking for interesting animation films for the festival program” - said György Horváth, festival captain, about the Czech puppet-horror, One Night in One City, which was introduced by producer Martin Vandas to a large audience on Saturday afternoon in Toldi Cinema.

Beautiful women from Vietnam

"I would like to transmit feelings and emotions with my film” - said director Ngo Quang Hai, whom the audiences might know as an actor from  the widely acclaimed films, Three seasons and Miracles of Life.

Screenwriters at Titanic

The Danish film Go in Peace Jamil, from the Elements of Crime section, is being screened at 4 p.m. on April 8th in Uránia National Film Theatre. Gábor Krigler TV screenwriter and Gábor Németh writer, who wrote the script for Tamás Sas’s film, Presszó, will have a discussion about the script of the film after the screening.

We’re setting sail on Thursday

We have gone through a major makeover, transformed our design, and (as all our readers may have experienced) our homepage was renewed, as well - as it was revealed on Monday during the opening press conference of the 15th Titanic International Film Festival in the Uránia National Film Theatre Café.

Batman vs. Gladiator

Two modern acting legends, Christian Bale and Russell Crowe clash in the Opening Gala film of the 15th Titanic International Film Festival on the 3rd of April in Uránia cinema.

The competition fever at Titanic is rising

From The final line of battle is set up for the competing films at the 15th Titanic International Film Festival, which kicks off on the 3rd of April.

America, Iceland, and Russia are already confirmed competitors at Titanic

From A war between brothers in Arkansas, a crime mystery in Iceland, or the story of a Russian professor addicted to heroin may just be the most daring film of the 15th Titanic International Film Festival starting on the 3rd of April.

Tricks (Sztuczki) at Titanic

From Tricks by Polish director Andrzej Jakimowski has won the Knight Grand Jury
Prize for best foreign film at the Miami Film Festival.

Titanic arrives next month!

From Tommy Lee Jones to Joy Division, a colourful variety of daring independent films will make their début at Titanic International Film Festival in Budapest, between 3 - 13 April, 2008.

Trust picks up Hungarian prize-winner The Investigator

Trust Film Sales of Denmark has confirmed it is handling international
sales for Hungarian film The Investigator.

Survey finds Katyn considered best Polish film ever

Even though Andrzej Wajda's Katyń did not win an Oscar, a new survey shows Poles think that it's the best Polish film of all time.

Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival (February 15-24) is proud to host the avantgard filmmaker Jonas Mekas.

Martin Scorsese’s Shine a Light opens Berlinale

Shine a Light, Martin Scorsese's documentary on the Rolling Stones, will open the Berlin film festival next month. Scorsese and the band will attend the Feb. 7 screening.

First three films selected for VPRO Tiger Awards Competition

The International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) has selected the first three films in its VPRO Tiger Awards Competition: WALTZ IN STARLIGHT by Shingo Wakagi (Japan), FLOWER IN THE POCKET by Liew Seng Tat (Malaysia) and the Hubert Bals Fund supported WONDERFUL TOWN by Aditya Assarat (Thailand).

Hitman Comedy Opens 2008 Sundance Film Festival

The Sundance Institute has announced Martin McDonagh's comedy In Bruges as the Sundance Film Festival's 2008 Opening Night Film. The film stars Ralph Fiennes, Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson.

The 9th Bratislava International Film Festival

Bratislava On Friday, 30th November 2007 the 9th edition of the International Film Festival Bratislava opened its gates and the event will last till 7th December. Slovak feature Halflife, a debut by Vlado Fischer will be screened as the opening film of the festival. Halflife competes among 16 contenders in this year’s festival competition.

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