Bitten Bullet

Bala mordida
Mexico, 2009
Directed by:
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Scr.: Diego Munoz Vega
Phot.: Carlos Hidalgo
Editor: Felipe Gomez
Music: Yamil Rezc, Pablo Valero
Cast: Damián Alcázar, Miguel Rodarte, Roberto Sosa Rodríguez, Flor Payán, Octavio Castro
Distributor: Goliat Films
Format: 35 mm
108 mins

Mauro Hernandez, a young preventive policeman, gets involved in a coke deal, and when problems arise, gives his gun away to cover the deal. Things get out of control when the media get involved. The scandal on the bad quality of body armour turns into an investigation of misappropriation of police funds. Mauro is presented as a victim of administrative corruption. Using the power that his uniform gives him and the sympathy of the media, Mauro starts to blackmail anyone who crosses his way. Mauro and his commander become involved in a dirty war inside the police force, a struggle filled with espionage, murders, and betrayal.



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