Mai tian
China, 2009
Directed by:
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Scr.: Ping He
Phot.: Xiaoshi Zhao
Editor: Pink H.
Music: Xing Liu
Cast: Bingbing Fan, Jue Huang, Jiayi Du
Distributor: Distribution Workshop
Format: 35 mm
108 mins

In LuYi, a minor city of Zhao, the city lord leads his men into combat against the Qin state. With the men away at war, it falls to the women to sustain the city. Meanwhile, Xia, a valiant Qin soldier who fought many gruesome battles, is tired of the bloodshed, and wants only to make his way home for harvest. Despite a standing order that all deserters will be executed, he decides to escape. He stumbles over Zhe, another Qin soldier who has also fled. Zhe's carelessness causes them to be injured and chased into the river by Qin soldiers. The men wash ashore and are taken in by the women of Zhao, who are faced with a very special and intimate battle. Should they imprison these strange men, who seem to have fallen from the sky to awaken their senses and bring back memories of happiness?

Following the success of his last film, Warriors of Heaven and Earth, director Ping He returns to the genre of historical drama, this time less concerned with viewing violence on an epic scope of heroes and villains, and more so with the people caught in the middle. Set during the Warring States Period in China, a time when war seemed the only possible form of existence, the film tells of the many individuals – deserters and widows, peasants and fortune tellers, men and women – who cannot resign themselves to the idea that peace is gone from their lives. (Giovanna Fulvi)



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