Ting che
Taiwan, 2008
Directed by:
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Scr.: Mong-Hong Chung
Phot.: Mong-Hong Chung
Ed.: Lo Shih-ching
Music: An Dong, Peng Fei
Cast: Chen Chang, Lun-Mei Kwai, Leon Dai, Peggy Tseng, Jack Kao
Distributor: Cream Film
Format: 35 mm
106 mins

Parking is about making the most of trying circumstances and the promise of escape. After he stops to pick up a cake on Mother’s Day, Chen gets more adventure than he expected. Someone double parks, blocking him in. Searching for the owner of the car, Chen encounters numerous eccentric characters, such as a mysterious senior couple and their granddaughter who seem to know him, a sex worker who flees abuse and exploitation, a reformed ganster turned barber, and a failed tailor who must flee his debts. Parking offers flashbacks, some humorous, some dark, to explain who the characters are and how they ended up where they are. Will they remain trapped or will they escape?

Part farce, part gangster, part gross-out, and a touch of Tarantino distinguish this often surprising debut feature from director Mong-Hong Chung.



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