The Equation of Love and Death

Li Mi de caixiang
Hong Kong, China, 2008
Directed by:
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Scr.: Cao Baoping
Phot.: Yang Shu
Editor: Mou Xiaojie
Music: Xiao Di Bi, Wei Dou
Cast: Zhou Xun, Deng Chao, Zhang Hanyu, Wang Baoqiang, Wang Yanhui
Distributor: Huayi Brothers Pictures
Format: 35 mm
96 mins

When a mysterious death occurs, the lives of five strangers are suddenly intertwined together. Li Mi is a taxi driver pining over her missing boyfriend Fang Wen, and keeps a book of photos inside her cab to show to her passengers. One day she gets into a row with country hicks Huo Gui and Shui Tian, who steal her photo book. They end up dropping the book when they happen by a car collision – and one of the drivers happens to be Fang Wen, who’s riding with a mysterious female passenger. He picks up the dropped photo book, and after seeing that it’s filled with pictures of himself, he chases the two men.



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