Yang Yang

Taiwan, 2009
Directed by:
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Scr.: Yu-chieh Cheng
Phot.: Jake Pollock
Editor: Yue-Xing Liu
Music: Giong Lim
Cast: Sandrine Pinna, Chang Ruei-Jia, Chien-Wei Huang, Sy-Huoy Her, Chu Lu-Hao, Yu Tai-Yan
Distributor: M-appeal
Format: 35 mm
111 mins

„So, you speak French?” Eurasian Yang Yang has frequently been asked this question ever since she was little. She always answers it with an awkward smile because neither has she met her French birth father nor does she speak any French. She yearns for a family and her dream seems to come true when her mother remarries. Yet this new family turns out to be a disappointment. After that, nothing, not even some temporary passion, can ease her loneliness. Her quest for love is in vain. In her pursuit of true intimacy, Yang Yang is met with an unexpected betrayal, leaving her with no choice but to run away from home and leave her mother. With the assistance of a talent agent, she enters show business and her Caucasian features become her calling card. Against her wishes, she is often cast as French. Trapped in the struggles among family, friendship and love, how will Yang Yang face her inner traumas?



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