Sweden, Denmark, Norway, 2009
Directed by:
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Scr.: Tarik Saleh, Fredrik Edin, Stig Larsson
Ed.: Johan Södeberg
Music: Krister Linder
Distributor: TrustNordisk
Format: 35mm
80 mins

Set in the not-so-distant future, Metropia shows a familiar but menacing dystopian Europe. A continent where English is spoken throughout, surveillance cameras dominate the landscape and beneath its surface an immense web of underground lines link key cities. The world is running out of oil. Roger, a young man from the suburbs of Stockholm, is wary of the increasingly corporation-dominated world and traveling on the underground makes him feel uneasy. His paranoia is further aroused when he begins to hear strange voices in his head: is someone trying to control him; and if so, why? Beautiful Nina is to help him. Or is maybe she who needs Roger? Using innovative animation techniques, director Tarik Saleh creates a deadbeat, toned out and sparse vision of the future. With shades of 1984 and Blade Runner and a voice cast drawing on the talents of Vincent Gallo and Juliette Lewis, this downbeat animated sci-fi noir is consistently innovative and intriguing.



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