All Tomorrow’s Parties

UK, 2009
Directed by:
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Phot.: Lance Bangs, Jason Banker, Jonathan Caouette, Marc Halford, Vincent Moon, Mark Swadel
Editor: Jonathan Caouette, Tupaq Felber, Nick Fenton, Daniel Goddard
Cast: Animal Collectives, Battles, Belle & Sebastian, Lightning Bolt, The Boredoms
Disctibutor: Warp Films
82 mins

On the eve of its tenth anniversary, the All Tomorrow’s Parties music festival is an ingenious testament to alternative music, communal living, and iconoclastic creativity. Founded by Belle & Sebastian’s Barry Hogan in 1999 as an alternative to larger, more corporate festivals, ATP is a sponsorship-free festival where the organizers, artists, and fans all stay in the same chalet-style housing complex. The film is created from found or contributed footage from over 200 filmmakers, fans, and musicians who've attended the British All Tomorrow's Parties festival over its history. With interviews and footage of more than 30 bands (ranging from Nick Cave to Animal Collective and from Portishead to Grizzly Bear), this post-punk DIY bricolage uses material filmed in a multitude of formats, including Super8, camcorder, and mobile-phone material.



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