USA, 2009
Directed by:
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Scr.: Pamela Pettler, Shane Acker
Editor: Nick Kenway
Music: Deborah Lurie, Danny Elfman
Distributor in Hungary: Budapest Film
79 mins

A computer animated nightmare produced by Tim Burton. 9 starts out with rag doll number 9 lying on the workbench of the scientist that has just created him. The scientist is already dead, leaving number 9 and the other rag dolls like him to fend for themselves in the ruins of a decaying, post apocalyptic world. Together they try to solve the mysteries behind the world while fighting off attacks from the beasts hunting them. They take on the battle of saving both their own lives and what's left of the planet. The feature film 9 is an extension of the Academy Award nominated short 9 (2005), created by Shane Acker as a student project. Tim Burton saw the short and was so impressed by its artistic vision that he went on to produce the longer version of it, together with Timur Bekmambetov, director of Night Watch (2004) and Day Watch (2006). The critically acclaimed animation presents some of the most visually impressive scenes you will see this year.

Screening with Hungarian subtitle!



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