The Apple & The Worm

Aeblet & Ormen
Denmark, 2009
Directed by:
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Screenplay: Anders Morgenthaler, Marie Østerbye
Editor: Martin Schade, Andri Steinn Gudmundsson
Music: Henrik Lindstrand
Distributor: Copenhagen Bombay
Format 35mm
75 mins

Torben, a selfabsorbed red apple, like most other apples on his tree, dreams of becoming a handsome, brightly polished show apple. Naturally, he’s scared of everything that might sour life for an apple. When a friend of his is diagnosed with mites, Torben leads the charge to shake him out of the tree. But Torben gets a taste of his own medicine when the unthinkable happens to him — he is penetrated by a worm – a fast-talking, stubborn worm to boot. Soon, Torben, too, is rudely shaken out of his old life. Accompanied by the worm and another buddy, a pear-shaped apple who drops to the ground in a show of solidarity, Torben sets out through a vast, unknown, potentially hostile world to find a worm doctor. Along the way, the oddball trio meets a singingcherry, bigoted potatoes and cultivated vegetables, and Torben learns a thing or two about himself, which ultimately makes him a better apple.



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