My Dog Tulip

USA, 2009
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Screenplay: Paul Fierlinger (based on the novel by J. R. Ackerley)
Music: John Avarese
Distributor: Cinemavault
81 mins

My Dog Tulip is a profound and beautiful love story that just happens to involve a man and his dog. The film is based on the celebrated 1956 novel by J.R. Ackerley. My Dog Tulip is a vivid animated feature that never fails to stimulate the senses with its artistry. Middle-aged Ackerley has failed in his search for the “ideal friend” with whom to share his life. Though he never considered himself a dog lover, he comes to adopt an eighteen-month-old German shepherd named Tulip. What follows are the adventures of a devoted yet bumbling dog parent and the animal that becomes the love of his life, that ideal companion he thought he would never find, as they navigate their fourteen-year relationship. This dog story captures the particular feelings of pet owners without being overly mawkish. Ackerley minces no words, even as he weaves a touching memoir.



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