From Inside

USA, 2008
Directed by:
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Scr.: John Bergin
Phot.: John Bergin
Editor: John Bergin
Music: Jeff Rona
Distributor: John Bergin
71 mins

A train rumbles relentlessly across a barren landscape as blood rains from the sky. Inside the train, a young pregnant woman tries to remember what caused the devastation that surrounds her. Her vivid, terrifying dreams blend into her nightmarish reality as she hurtles into the unknown, wondering what kind of world her baby will enter.From Inside contrasts burgeoning life against utter annihilation. The main character harbors deep ambivalence about that young life. Alienated from her own body, she is torn between her desires to protect her unborn child and to escape the hell into which she has plunged. Writer/director John Bergin brings one of his earlier comics to life by animating it with the intent to stay as true as possible to the experience of reading a graphic novel.” (Kristina Aikens)



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