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Achache, Jean (director of One Night in the Club) – Q&A: 9th April, 20.30, Örökmozgó, after the screening

Amsalem Nidan, Reymond (lead actress of Seven Minutes in Heaven) – Q&A: 16th April, 21.00, Toldi, after the screening

Bergmark, Jörgen (director of A Rational Solution) – Q&A: 10th April, 20.15, Uránia, after the screening

Bezancon, Rémi (director of The First Day of the Rest of Your Life) – Q&A: 11th April, 15.30, Uránia, after the screening

Budar, Jan (on of the lead actors of Woman Without Piano) – Q&A: 12th April, 20.15, Uránia, after the screening

Johnsen, Sara (director of Upperdog) – Q&A: 16th April, 17.45, Uránia and 17th April, 17.00, Toldi, after the screenings

Shalom Ezer, Tali (director of Surrogate) – Q&A: 16th April, 18.45, Toldi, after the screening

Take It Easy Hospital (lead actors of No One Knows About Persian Cats) – Q&A: 12th April, 21.00, Toldi and 13th April, 16.15, Uránia, after the screenings

Valkeapaa, Jukka-Pekka (director of The Visitor) – Q&A: 13th April, 20.15, Uránia, after the screening



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