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The House

Slovakia, Czech Republic, 2011
Directed by:

Scr.: Zuzana Liová
Phot.: Juraj Chlpik, Baset Jan Strítezsky
Ed.: Anna Ryndová, Maro Slapeta
Music: Walter Kraft
Cast: Bárdos Judit, Miroslav Krobot, Marian Mitas, Tatjana Medvecká, Lucia Jasková
Distributor: Fog'n'Desire Films 
97 mins

Stone by stone, Imrich is building a small house for his daughter Eva almost entirely on his own. But for Eva, who is about to graduate from school, the prospect of moving into the house is about as appealing as being imprisoned in a jail she herself has helped to build. She has very different plans for her future. A generational conflict in a milieu where even the minor characters are described in such detail that one suspects the film has been modeled on directors like Mike Leigh or Ken Loach. But the speechlessness and deeply entrenched feelings of the parent generation here also reflect the profound impact of radical social change and the struggle to come to terms with that change.



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