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Essential Killing

Ireland, Poland, Norway, Hungary, 2010
Directed by:

Scr.: Ewa Piaskowska, Jerzy Skolimowski
Phot.: Adam Sikora
Ed.: Lemhényi Réka
Cast: Vincent Gallo, Emmanuelle Seigner, David L. Price, Nicolai Cleve Broch, Stig Frode Henriksen
Distributor: Mythberg Films
83 mins

Captured by the US military in Afghanistan, Mohammed (Vincent Gallo) is transported to a secret detention centre in Europe. When the vehicle he is riding in crashes, he finds himself suddenly free and on the run in a snow-blanketed forest, a world away from the desert home he knew. Relentlessly pursued by an army that does not officially exist, Mohammed must confront the necessity to kill in order to survive. Essential Killing won a Special Jury award at the Venice film festival in 2010, and lead actor Vincent Gallo (who acts without speaking throughout the entire film) took the Best Actor award. Director Jerzy Skolimowski says he did not set out to make a political film: which explains why the Islamic fighter has no name, and the films locations also remain non-specific.



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