18th Titanic Filmfestival

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katboritoWe recommend ourselves!

It happens to every event, however successful and of long traditions it may be, that it has to cope with difficult periods. The organisation of this year’s festival came across a lot of complications due to lack of subsidies and other difficulties – but once we have the programme, we take it as our own child. We don’t see it smaller than the usual but we love it: we consider it nice and beautiful, and we have all the reasons for that. Titanic is again, and still, the greatest international film festival in Hungary with the most numerous feature films on its programme. And as we have mentioned it on several occasions, we have not changed. This year again, the bulk of the films selected can only be seen here and now by the Hungarian or European audience. What is more important, is that these movies are able to surprise the public, display something new, whether it be a South-Korean thriller, an Irish revenge tale, Japanese anime or French love story. We do not like the gray, but fancy the original, and firmly believe that a documentary or a concert film can be just as thrilling. We would like to share this enthusiasm with you and find the matching audience for each movie. So, we recommend ourselves – back to the cinema!

The organisers of the Titanic Film Festival



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