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The Visitor

Finland, Estonia, Germany, UK, 2008
Directed by:

Scr.: Jan Forsström, Jukka-Pekka Valkeapaa
Phot.: Tuomo Hutri
Editor: Mervi Junkkonen
Music: Helena Tulve
Cast: Vitali Bobrov, Pavel Liska, Emilia Ikaheimo, Jorma Tommila
Distributor: Wild Bunch
Format: 35 mm
105 mins

A young boy lives with his mother on a farm surrounded by a deep forest in the remote wilds of the Finnish countryside. From time to time, the boy visits his father – a man of great violence – in prison. Locked in the stable is an unruly horse, the boy's only other companion. Their simple life is disrupted when a stranger appears, with a note from the father and a bullet in his side. Reluctantly, mother and son offer the stranger refuge. A powerful and transcendent story of mystery and betrayal, love and conflicting loyalties, a tragic myth, a near-silent film that owes much to Tarkovsky, Lang and Murnau.


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