18th Titanic Filmfestival

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Denmark, 2010

Scr.: Tobias Lindholm, Michael Noer
Phot.: Magnus Nordenhof Jonck
Editor: Adam Nielsen
Cast: Johan Philip Asbaek, Roland Moller, Dulfi Al-Jaburi
Distributor: TrustNordisk
Format: 35 mm
90 mins

Rune is a young Dane, who has been sentenced for a serious violent crime and finds himself in an old, heavily guarded prison. He is determined to keep out of sight as much as possible and out of the battle for power, but on the first day it becomes clear he has no option. There is no escaping the merciless prison culture with its strict pecking order, violent codes of honour and secret contracts. Thanks to his dexterity, he manages to get a privileged position for himself. R proves what was already clear in Un prophéte: the prison thriller is alive and well.


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