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Iványi, Marcell

Born in 1973 in Budapest. He studied directing films at the Budapest Film and Theatre Academy. His short film Wind won the Palme D’Or Award at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival. His more recent works include the documentary NahTe (2003) and the short films Thirty-three Pictures (1998) and Ballad (2005).

Selected filmography:

Budapest, egy nagyváros halála (Budapest, Death of a City, 1991, short)
Aranykor (Golden Age Restaurant, 1993, short)
Black & White (1995, short)
Szél (Wind, 1996, short)
Harminchárom kép (Thirty-three Pictures, 1998, short)
Cry Me A River (2002, doc.)
NahTe (2003, doc.)
Ballada (Ballad, 2005, short)
Egy nő igaz története (True Story of a Woman, 2007, tv)
Lélektánc (Souldance, 2009)



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