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Memory of Love

Directed by:

Scr.: Chao Wang
Phot.: Jie Du
Editor: Florence Bresson
Cast: Bingyan Yan, Naiwen Li, Gang Jiao, Jianing Wang
Distributor: TF1
Format: 35 mm
92 mins

Hongshu today. A young woman and her lover are involved in a car accident. When she regains consciousness in the hospital where her husband works as a surgeon, she has completely forgotten the past three years. Her lover is totally unfamiliar to her. Aware of her betrayal the husband decides to let his wife continue to live in the past in which they were passionately in love with each other. Little by little, the gap between time and the perception of reality closes. Destiny inevitably takes over. In order not to lose his wife the husband must get beyond the pain caused by her betrayal and find, in his love for her, the strength to begin again. But the lover also wants to stake his claim. This is the moving story about the regaining of lost love.

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