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Our Day Will Come

Notre jour viendra
France, 2010
Directed by:

Scr.: Romain Gavras, Karim Boukercha
Phot.: Andre Chemetoff
Ed.: Benjamin Weill
Music: Sébastien Akchoté
Cast: Vincent Cassel, Olivier Barthelemy, Justine Lerooy, Vanessa Decat, Boris Gamthety, Rodolphe Blanchet
Distributor: MOKÉP-Pannónia
90 mins

Redheaded teen Remy (Olivier Barthelemy) is bullied by his soccer teammates and drawn into fights with his younger sister and mother in their cramped apartment. After a flare-up of domestic violence, he flees home and is tracked down by a bitter guidance counsellor, Patrick (Vincent Cassel), also a redhead. Patrick looks upon Remy’s sullen insolence with both sympathy and disdain and decides to toughen him up. The two redheads realize that they are out of place in twenty-first century France. They have no country, no people and no army. Together they plot to take on the world in a hallucinatory quest for a land of imagined freedom.

With Hungarian subtitles!



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