19th Titanic Filmfestival

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Lily Sometimes

Pieds nus sur les limaces
France, 2010
Directed by:

Scr.: Pascal Arnold, Fabienne Berthaud (based on the novel by Fabienne Berthaud)
Phot.: Fabienne Berthaud, Nathalie Durand
Ed.: Pierre Haberer
Music: Michael Stevens
Cast: Diane Kruger, Ludivine Sagnier, Denis Menochet, Brigitte Catillon, Jacques Spiesser
Distributor: SND Groupe M6
87 mins

Lily (Ludivine Sagnier) is fundamentally different, somehow special and thus socially inept. She lives in harmony with nature in a bizarre fantasy world where she does exactly what she wants. She lives together with her mother in the parental home they share in the countryside. The death of her mother brings a caesura. Previously living in Paris, Lily’s married sister Clara (Diane Kruger) now feels obliged to return to the country home and take care of her younger sister. But Clara soon begins to sing to another tune. While under Lily’s freedom-loving influence, Clara gradually gets a taste for the autonomy presented to her by her sister. She begins to question her formalised life, which presents a fundamental challenge to her marriage.



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