19th Titanic Filmfestival

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The Drummond Will

UK, 2010
Directed by:

Scr.: Sam Forster, Alan Butterworth
Phot.: Adam Etherington
Music: Charlie Westropp
Cast: Phillip James, Mark Oosterveen, Jonathan Hansler, Nigel Osner, Keith Parry, Victoria Jeffrey
81 mins

A black comedy set in decaying rural England. Brothers Marcus and Danny return to their home town for their father's funeral. Their trip soon takes unexpected twists and turns upon the discovery of a huge sum of money in their father's house. Entangled in a web of lies and murder they are soon not the only ones trying to get their hands on it. Danny and Marcus are trapped in the world of a sleepy English village and soon realize they'll need to rely on each other if they are to survive. Modern ideas like forensics, cell phones, and common sense won't help them. It quickly becomes clear that nothing is what it seems.



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