19th Titanic Filmfestival

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Kim is just out of prison, wanting nothing more than a dull, normal life. He tries to keep a low profile, is a model employee at his new job, works out and hangs out with his girlfriend. But his father, still mired in the world of crime, finds it very hard to accept Kim’s new lifestyle. Over a few days, Kim’s life is intertwined with those of three other youths: Jesper who lives in a bus and makes a living from Internet porn, Ylva, a Christian tormented by sexual fantasies, and Susanne who is in training to become a stripper. The directors of Fjorton suger contrast their tale of spiritual and material poverty with stunningly beautiful images of the Swedish summer. The result suits the name of their production company, a “headbutt” right in the face of our smug contemporary society. (Marit Kapla)




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